group post!

This week I worked on some video projects with text and the class year book.

I just got to mess around with some text effects in after effects, because I really dont have much to do. I got to design a picture for a vinyl wall stick. I used some photoshop manipulation for it. I had two seperate pictures a business man kinda ninja kicking the air, and a dojo background. First I cropped the background of the business man and slapped him into the dojo. I then started messing with the colors so they fit together better and I added a shadow of the business man beneath him. I then changed the background to black and white, and applied some gradient filters to add more contrast. And finally I added a rainbow gradient filter and blur somethings out to give it a bit more of an action like look to the photo. Also I got to work on the class yearbook I started adding the images and getting there work posted in the pages. I am using the year book sample design I made for it.
Also I wanna thank mrs. frascht and the school for the gift card. I did not have acc this week and I am done with it for the year!


Only day of school! (4-10-2012)

This is my only day of school for this week.

We where off yesterday because of Easter. and I am going to tour a college in Springfield Missouri Wednesday through Friday. I am very excited about it. Today I made a cover for my timeline on facebook because it was evil and automatically updated it to the new layout. So i decided to design a batman cover for it. it looks pretty cool. I used the pen tool to create the batman head with the target behind it and to create the batman logo. I used a font called Riesling which is a art deco font. I like to take things, and make them look art deco cause the whole art deco era was pretty cool with there art that emphasized shapes! So i mostly used the shape tool and the pen tool to create most of the picture besides the font. and the cityscape. the cityscape I used the posterize filter which does a pretty good job of squaring everything up with little manual changes to the picture.


Today I had a project day.

I worked on a photo manipulation.

It has four soldiers on the front. and a scene of new york in the background. I did some layer effects to blend the different pictures together. and I also added some text effects using styles and the brush tool. I am very happy with how it turned out. I apologize for the lack of posts this week due to my projects eating up my time.